The Wedding
Season 1, Episode 6
Air date October 30, 2005
Written by Suzanne Bolch & John May
Directed by Ron Murphy
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Grade-Point: Average
The Poxfather
The Wedding is the 6 Episodes from Life with Derek Aired October 30, 2005

Episode SummaryEdit

Casey's aunt is having a wedding, and Casey is supposed to help design the wedding, and Derek is going to film the wedding. Casey can't wait to get started -- that is until she remembers her aunt's daughter (her cousin), whom Casey has never gotten along with. Casey must tolerate her, and keep being insulted by her cousin if she wants to make the wedding perfect.



Guest starring Edit

Quotes Edit

Vicky: What are you doing?
Casey: (hugging Vicky) Don't ask. Just hug.

Casey: Well, you don't have to worry about me ruining your mother's wedding because I quit! And if I could quit being your cousin, I'd quit that too! (storms out)
Vicky: Fine! Quit all you want! I don't want to be part the stupid wedding or your stupid wedding
reception! I'm going to my room!
Lizzie: You don't live here!
Vicky: I'm going to your room!
Lizzie: Upstairs on the right!

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