The Room
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date September 18, 2005
Written by Daphne Ballon
Directed by Ron Murphy
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The Room is the first episode of Life with Derek. It aired September 18, 2005.

Episodes SummaryEdit

Casey desperately wants her own room, since she has to share an already small room with Lizzie. Since she has already had to sacrifice her friends, house, school, and more to live there, she thinks that getting her own room would be a fitting sacrifice for her. The problem is she wants Derek's room, who won't allow it. Even George agrees with Derek, and says it wouldn't be fair, but after discussing the idea with Nora, they decide to renovate the basement into Casey's room. Casey is erked by the very idea of living in the basement, so, by going by the fact that Derek always gets what he wants, she decides to show him her fantastic designs for the basement, until he actually decides to take it.



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Quotes Edit

(Edwin walks in the bathroom, not noticing Casey in there in her PJs)

Edwin: (looks at Casey) Ahhh! (looks down at his boxers) Ahhh! (runs out as Derek walks in)
Derek: Come on, Smarti. (takes Marti out of bathtub)
Marti: Smerek...
Derek: (towards Casey) Do you mind?
Casey: Yeah. I was here first.
Derek: Ok, then. (Derek starts to get ready to go to the toilet)
Casey: UGH! (leaves bathroom)

Casey: Not again. Can you please turn it down! Der-ek! (Derek opens the door after Casey knocks on it)
Derek: Who are you?
Casey': I'm the step-sister you've always wanted.
Derek: Really, 'cause you look like the ugly step-sister from Snow White.
Casey: That's Cinderella you freak, now could you turn down the music?
Derek: Oh, well why didn't you say so? (turns off the music) Now, I never had any noise complaints when Edwin had that room before he was forced upstairs to make room for you guys.
Casey: Room? What room? There is no room in our room!
Marti': I have an announcement! I'm not wearing socks!

(While telling her mother how her siblings give her no privacy)

Casey: Marti, please give me back my toothbrush.

(Marti's cleaning the tub with the toothbrush)

Marti: Say please.
Casey: I just did.
Marti: No.
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