The Poxfather
Season 1, Episode 7
Ash8 (1)
Air date November 6, 2005
Written by Brian Hartigan
Directed by Ron Murphy
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The Poxfather is the 7 Episodes from Life with Derek Aired November 6, 2005

Episode SummaryEdit

Derek has become the hustler of the school. Working with one of his friends (who's a musician), he put out an album, which earned her massive bucks. Everything is going great until he becomes sick with the Chicken Pox. He needs someone to keep running his business, and he comes up with the perfect person. Casey wants a cell phone, but she doesn't have a job, and George and Nora won't fund it. Derek sees this as a perfect opportunity to bribe Casey into being the new hustler of the school, having her sell all of his products, in exchange for a cell phone. Casey accepts, and is pretty good -- until she gets caught, that is.



Guest starring Edit

Quotes Edit

George: ...but neither of us would be sick if it wasn't for him. (glances up at Derek)
Derek: Just call me the Pox Father. (chuckles)

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