The Fall
Season 1, Episode 2
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Air date September 25, 2005
Written by Daphne Ballon
Directed by Ron Murphy
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The Room
The Party
The Fall is the 2 Episodes from Life with Derek Aired September 25, 2005

Episode SummaryEdit

The only good thing about Casey's new school seems to be her new friend and locker-mate Emily, after she falls down the school stairs when Derek insults her in front of his friend, Sam. Casey is majorly embarrassed by her fall, but more embarrassed by her new nickname: Klutzilla. Her family - with the obvious exception of Derek - tries to help her get over it, but with no luck. After becoming almost over the incident, Casey falls again on Marti's cardboard house after Derek insults her in front of Sam again.

The next day, when the school wise-guy Corey Plunkett runs into Casey again and insults her, she confidently tells him that she showed the summons he gave her to her lawyer, who, she reveals, is also her stepfather (much to Corey's secret puzzlement) before tearing the summons (which she had brought with her to school) into pieces. Then Derek shows up and pulls Corey away for a private guy-to-guy talk. There, Derek asks how he feels, and Corey informs him that it only hurts whenever he sits down. Then, Derek tells Corey to do him a favor. When Corey asks what it is, Derek says to "cut Casey some slack". Corey is puzzled and wonders why until Derek reveals that Casey and he are step-siblings. Upon hearing that, Corey then secretly remembers Casey revealing to him that her lawyer is also her step-dad a few moments ago, and then puts the pieces together.

Finally, just as Casey is about to make a public announcement to all the kids at school, Sam appears at her side and saves her from more public humiliation. What makes things even more puzzling for Casey is that she might be developing a crush on Sam.



Guest starringEdit

Quotes Edit

Nora: Umm, this looks...
Derek: This looks disgusting. Dad, when did you start to cook?

Marti: Pigs speak Latin?
Casey: Ask Derek.

Casey: I'd shake your hand but I'm...
Derek: Sweaty and gross.

Sam: You have a step-sister?
Derek: It was a recent accident by marriage.

George: The family that eats together.
Edwin: Barfs together.

Derek: So, uh, how's the injury?
Corey: Well, it hurts when I sit.
Derek: Yeah? Well, I need you to do me a favor.
Corey: Sure, man. What is it?
Derek: Cut Casey some slack.
Corey: (puzzled) Why?
Derek: 'Cause she's my step-sister.
Corey: (shocked as he suddenly realizes why Casey mentioned her lawyer was also her step-father) No.
Derek: Yes.
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