Sweet Misery
Season 1, Episode 10
Air date December 11, 2005
Written by Bernice Vanderlaan
Directed by Ron Murphy
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Sweet Misery is The 10 Episodes of Life with Derek it Aired December 11, 2005

Episodes SummaryEdit

After Derek injures Casey's ankle, causing Casey to use crutches, Casey threatens to tell George and Nora. Derek responds by bribing her with whatever she wants from him. Still deciding, Casey goes to school the next day on crutches, and explains how it was Derek's fault. This makes everyone hate him, and praise Casey. Casey knows that Derek has gotten something good, because he recently borrowed $80 from Edwin. Casey hires Lizzie to snoop around his room, and find the hidden thing. Once she finds out what it is, Casey takes it, since Derek said "anything."



Quotes Edit

Paul: So this has brought you and Derek closer together?
Casey: [smiling] Not at all! The worm is gonna squirm.
Paul: You know, if you give love, you get love.

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