Life with Derek

Created by

Daphne Ballon

Developed by

Daphne Ballon


Michael Seater
Ashley Leggat
Jordan Todosey
Daniel Magder
Ariel Waller
Joy Tanner
John Ralston

Theme music composer

Gary Koftinoff and Ron Proulx

Opening theme

"Livin' Life with Derek", sung by Cheyenne Twiner of Uncensored, performed by Gary Koftinoff

No. of episodes


Season 1 of Life with Derek began on September 18, 2005, and Season End On January 22, 2006. Life with Derek Theme song is "Livin' Life with Derek",sung by Cheyenne Twiner of Uncensored, performed by Gary Koftinoff

Season 1: 2005–2006Edit

  • This season was filmed in Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Main castEdit

Episodes ListEdit

Title Original Air Date
The Room September 18, 2005
The Fall September 25, 2005
The Party October 2, 2005
Puppy Dog Tails October 16, 2005
Grade-Point: Average October 23, 2005
The Wedding October 30, 2005
The Poxfather November 6, 2005
House of Games November 13, 2005
Marti The Monster December 4, 2005
Sweet Misery December 11, 2005
Babe Raider December 18, 2005
All Systems No Go January 15, 2006
Male Code Blue January 22, 2006


Image Title Original Airdate Channel
101-1 "The Room " September 18, 2005 Disney Channel
Casey finds her room in the new house too small to live in so she asks the parents to have Derek's room. It turns out in a battle between the two "step" siblings to determine who will have Derek's room.
The Fall "The Fall " September 25, 2005 Disney Channel
Casey trips at school on the staircase (and takes it out on innocent bystanders) after Derek insults her. Derek can't stop laughing as he and his best friend, Sam, look on. Derek nicknames her "Klutzilla", a name that quickly spreads throughout the school. The whole school is "watching out" for Klutzilla and she blames it all on Derek. A second incident happens when Derek insults her again and she falls into Marti's box in front of Sam. Soon, Derek connects the two incidents to Sam and accuses Casey of secretly crushing on him.
TheParty "The Party" October 2, 2005 Disney Channel
Casey and Derek must persuade their parents they can be left alone for the weekend. Casey intends to have a quiet weekend at home and watch some movies with Emily, but as always Derek has conflicting plans and has a party and damages the house.
PuppyDogTails "Puppy Dog Tails " October 16, 2005 Disney Channel
Living-room redecorating creates strife within the family, as Casey, Lizzie, and Nora want to add a feminine touch to the household, while Derek, Edwin, Marti, and George are perfectly fine with the way the household is.
Grade-PointAverage "Grade-Point: Average " October 23, 2005 Disney Channel
Casey discovers she has a reputation as a grade-grubber and wants to rid herself of it by choosing a slacker to work with on a group assignment – like Derek. Derek is on the brink of failing English and wants to pick someone smart to work with on the same group assignment – like Casey.
TheWedding "The Wedding " October 30, 2005 Disney Channel
Casey and Derek volunteer to organize Casey's aunt's wedding reception, but Casey's cousin, Vicki, is threatening to blow the entire thing apart because her mom didn't even ask her how she felt about the marriage.
ThePoxfather "The Poxfather " November 6, 2005 Disney Channel
Derek is quarantined at home as he is with the chicken pox, and is hiding a secret which Casey intends to find out. George has to prevent himself from getting the chicken pox Derek has, as he has a job presentation.
HouseOfGames "House of Games " November 13, 2005 Disney Channel
The McDonalds and the Venturis kids (Casey and Lizzie vs Derek, Edwin, Marti) decide that the best places in the house aren't big enough for the two families, so they agree to decide by games of chance (dice, cards, etc).
MartiTheMonster "Marti The Monster " December 4, 2005 Disney Channel
Marti sabotages Derek when he babysits her in an attempt to impress a girl.
SweetMisery "Sweet Misery " December 11, 2005 Disney Channel
When Casey sprains her ankle because of Derek, she gets whatever she wants(including the chair that Derek always sits in, and his tickets to a White Stripes concert) and Lizzie does everything for her, making Derek jealous. He then fakes an injury, making Casey do everything for him, and when Marti cuts up the tickets to make a picture, Derek accidentally reveals that he was faking the injury by running up the stairs, and Casey does the same thing. Then, Lizzie and Edwin get whatever they want.
BabeRaider "Babe Raider " December 18, 2005 Disney Channel
Casey notices Derek, Sam and Edwin playing a sexist video game (Babe Raider) and immediately launches a campaign against the sexist attitudes in the house.
AllSystemsNoGo "All Systems No Go " January 15, 2006 Disney Channel
Chaos strikes the household. Derek dyes the white clothes pink, uses the neighbor's pool and stomps on their flowers, Marti makes "potions" with Casey's perfume and shampoo and hits the neighbor's son. Nora schedules a book club at the house, which she forgets to tell George about, and the family tries some last minute cleaning to look organized.
05 "Male Code Blue " January 22, 2006 Disney Channel
Casey likes Derek's best friend, Sam, who has feelings for Casey too. Derek is opposed to a relationship between his best friend and his stepsister so he tries to sabotage the possibility of them coming together by informing Sam of the "Male Code", which says a guy's best friends cannot date their friends siblings (or step-siblings). Derek tries to break Casey and Sam apart but fails to do so.
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