Puppy Dog Tails
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date October 16, 2005
Written by Ed Riche
Directed by Ron Murphy
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The Party
Grade-Point: Average
Puppy Dog Tails is the 4 Episodes from Life with Derek Aired October 16, 2005

Episode SummaryEdit

After a disgusting breakfast with Edwin, Derek, and George, Casey feels as if the house needs a feminine touch to the house. George forbids it, and Derek agrees, but Casey still wants to change the house. So, while Edwin, Derek, and George are out at a hockey game, Nora, Lizzie, and Casey all do some re-decorating. Complete with a new sofa, coffee table, and getting rid of the T.V. in the living room.



Quotes Edit

Marti: Beans, Beans, the musical food, the more you eat, the more you toot.

Casey: I never realized these things are so important to you men! Boys and girls are different, you know!
Derek: Yeah, I found that out the fun way on our old couch

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