Nora McDonald
General Information
Gender: Female
Family & Friends
Family: Dennis McDonald (Ex-fiancé)
Lizzie McDonald (Daughter)
Casey McDonald (Daughter)
George Venturi (fiancé)
Derek Venturi (Step-Son)
Edwin Venturi(Step-Son)

Marti Venturi (Step-Daughter)

Series Information
First appearance: The Room
Last appearance: Vacation with Derek
Portrayer: Joy Tanner
Nora McDonald is a character from Life with Derek.Nora is Played By Joy Tanner

Personal lifeEdit

Nora is The Mother of Casey and Lizzie she was married to Dennis McDonald . She works as a window treatment specialist. Divorced for five years from a successful corporate lawyer, the irony of leaving a rich lawyer for a poor one is not lost on Nora. But she adores her new husband George, and has never really cared that much about material possessions anyway.When Nora goes to work she looks very professional and put together which is a contrast to her at-home style which is a little spacey though caring. She adores her new husband though sometimes finds his refusal to take things seriously exasperating.Smart, pretty, funny and caring, Nora is a business woman in her own right, and a feminist who believes in raising strong daughters - although she got a bit more than she bargained for with Casey.


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