Marti Venturi
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 7 (Season 1)
8 (Season 2)
9 (Season 3)
10 (Season 4)
12 (Vacation with Derek)
Hair Color: Acorn Brown
Eye Color: Turquoise
Family & Friends
Family: George Venturi (Father)
Abby (Mother)

Derek Venturi (Brother)
Edwin Venturi (Brother)
Nora McDonald (Step-Mother)
Lizzie McDonald (Step-Sister)
Casey McDonald (Step-Sister)

Series Information
First appearance: The Room
Martina 'Marti' Venturi is a character from Life with Derek, played by Canadian actress Ariel Waller.

Personal lifeEdit

Derek's little sister Marti may look like an angel, but beneath those dimples and curls lies the spirit of a little she-devil. As strong-willed as Casey and Derek are, they're no match for this tiny six-year-old who is impervious to everything but her own obscure logic. She has a fierce temper, lies with abandon, cries loudly at the drop of a hat, and growls when she's mad. She is the youngest of the Venturi children and enjoys attention from everyone in the family and can be swayed both ways in Venturi-McDonald conflicts, but can easily and stubbornly refuse to agree with anyone as well. As the seasons pass she grows a strong bond towards Casey and she already had a bond with Derek (with her calling him Smerek and him calling her Smarti). marti has her onw arch enemy in the monster that knows about marti's watch


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