Marti The Monster
Season 1, Episode 9
Air date December 4, 2005
Written by Daphne Ballon
Directed by Ron Murphy
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Marti The Monster is The 9 Episodes of Life with Derek it Aired December 4, 2005

Episodes SummaryEdit

When George and Nora plan to go out, they decide to have Casey baby-sit Marti. Casey demands that Derek do it, since he's her blood-sister. Derek refuses, and Casey doesn't change her mind, so Nora and George offer money to help them change their decisions. Casey accepts the offer, but Derek then says he'll do it. Nora wants Casey to baby-sit, since she's already baby-sat well in the past, but George insists that Derek should baby-sit, since he is finally taking initiative.



Guest starringEdit

Quotes Edit

Marti: (about eating chicken fingers for dinner) Derek would let me.
Casey: Oh, he would, would he?
Marti: Yeah.
Casey: Well, would Derek let you do this? (Casey turns on the radio and she and Marti dance to "Boy Meets Girl: Infatuation". Halfway through, Edwin joins them)

(Edwin had just blocked out 'bra talk')
Nora: I'm sorry, Edwin. (to Casey) I need to borrow a "sock."
Casey: (catching on) Uh, Mom, I don't think my "sock" would fit your "feet".

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