Male Code Blue
Season 1, Episode 13
Air date January 22, 2006
Written by Jeff Biederman
Directed by Ron Murphy
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Male Code Blue is The 13 Episodes of Life with Derek it Aired January 22, 2006

Episodes SummaryEdit

Sam and Casey really like each other, and Sam decides to ask Casey out. Derek interrupts Sam when he's attempting to ask Casey out, then tells Sam that he's not allowed to date Casey because of the "Male Code," which says you can't ask out your best friend's sister (step sisters count). Sam decides to avoid Casey when spending the night at their house, but Casey decides to ask him out. He responds by saying that he doesn't like her, which makes Casey really embarrassed and sad. Soon, Sam decides to just go and ask Casey out, but Derek refuses, which results in them getting into a fight. Meanwhile, Lizzie gives her parents a quiz to see how well they know their children. The parents score horribly.



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Quotes Edit

Lizzie: [scoring the 'How Well Do You Know Your Kids?' quiz] Let's see: you didn't know my GYM teacher's name-
Nora: Jim, the gym teacher.
Lizzie: You got Edwin's birthday wrong, day and year.
George: I was told there'd be no math.
Lizzie: And neither of you knew Derek's been stealing my Tooth Fairy money.
Nora: Yes, but technically that wasn't part of the quiz.
Lizzie: Fine, I won't count it. But that still gives you 2 out of 20. And any score less than 6, I'm supposed to call a social worker.

George: Good, 'cause this house can't handle another boy-crazed girl.
Nora: And what about the girl crazed boys in this house?
George: Yeah, but boys don't hog the phone like girls do, 'cause boys don't like to talk so much. Not that talking is a bad thing. I'm drowning here Ed.
Edwin: Don't drag me down with you dad.

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