Grade-Point: Average
Season 1, Episode 5
Air date October 23, 2005
Written by Dennis Heaton
Directed by Ron Murphy
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Grade-Point: Average is the 5 Episodes from Life with Derek Aired October 23, 2005

Episode SummaryEdit

Casey is finally fitting in - that is, until she makes the mistake of asking for higher grades, and Emily informs her that everyone has been calling her a "grade grubber" as a result. At Casey's old school, studying hard for good grades was socially acceptable, but at her new one, it makes her the subject of teasing from her peers. At first, Casey tries to just stop studying, but it's no use. She keeps getting 'A's,' which is not helping her get rid of her grade-grubbing image. Meanwhile, Derek is going to fail English if he doesn't get an A on his report. He decides to pair up with Casey, who refuses to do any work on the project.



Guest starring Edit

Quotes Edit

George: Derek, you failed your English test? You do speak English, right?
Derek: Very goodly

George: What does a dog say?
Marti: Nothing, because dogs can't talk!

Derek: This sounds like it was written by a 10 year old!
Edwin: Yeah! It was.

Sam: Maybe we can work on the project together?
Derek: Thanks, but I don't think both of us failing is the answer.

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