All Systems No Go
Season 1, Episode 12
Air date January 15, 2006
Written by Jeff Biederman
Directed by Ron Murphy
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All Systems No Go is The 12 Episodes of Life with Derek it Aired January 15, 2006

Episodes SummaryEdit

Casey meets resistance from her siblings and parents when she tries to create order amid the chaos that is their home life. Meanwhile, George needs help from the kids if he's going to pull off an important book club meeting that's taking place at their house while Nora is away on a retreat.



Guest starringEdit

Quotes Edit

Marti: I hit Dimi.
George: But it was an accident, right Marti?
Marti: No. Dimi bugged me, so I gave him the ol' one-two.
Nora: Marti that's terrible! You never hit someone!
Marti: But Dimi's a doofus!
George: Marti, upstairs, now!
Marti: You're mean!
George: I'm sure Marti is very sorry.
Marti: No I'm not! Crybaby!

Nora: Oh, great! We're the next door neighbours from Hell!!

Paul:(to Casey)I would never call you a freak.

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